Hotel Partner in Germany-Stuttgart:

As you may know there are many car washes, however we offer You full service of all tipes of washes based on our long year experience, using newest technology and top quality cosmetics of renowed manufacturers. Automatic car wash has a garage of 6 parking lots for internal cleaning.

Working hours of our car wash are from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m., sundays and holidays from 8 a.m. till 3p.m.

Allowable maximum height of vehicles that a maschine can wash is 2,2m. All vehicles that exceed that height can be washed manually.

We offer You 4 programs of external washing,  internal cleaning and carpet cleaning.

PROGRAM 1                                                                       25,00 kn
Washing, drying

PROGRAM 2                                                                       35,00 kn
Prewash, washing with active foam, drying

PROGRAM 3                                                                       40,00 kn
washing with active foam, hot wax protection, drying

PROGRAM 4                                                                        45,00 kn
Prewash, washing with active foam,
washing under vehicle,hot wax protection, drying

INTERNAL VEHICLE CLEANING                                             40,00 kn

CARPET CLEANING                                                              10,00 kn


*vat is included in price


For internal cleaning free coffe or tea is included.

Official vehicles can be washed during the whole month, and invoices are send at the end of the month with  wash specifications (drivers name, number of program etc.)